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Victims of Crime

Each year in Oregon, thousands of our citizens become victims of crime - some more violent than others. As prosecutors, we believe it’s important to keep crime victims at the center of criminal justice reform. We also believe that the recent victimization of violent criminals is a dangerous path we need be careful in traveling. If we normalize crime by making every offender a victim of circumstance, we risk blurring our inherent sense of right and wrong. Prosecutors are charged with looking at reform through the eyes of their entire community, which includes both victims and defendants.
While there is always room for improvements in the criminal justice system, crime victims must be provided a strong voice in the process. People don’t choose to be crime victims, and they deserve powerful advocates who help them transition from victims to survivors. Part of our jobs as prosecutors is to provide victims a forum to advocate for themselves and be heard.
In the future, this page will be dedicated to sharing the stories of crime victims to help the public better understand the toll crime takes on their communities.

For more information about Oregon Victims’ Rights, visit the Oregon Crime Victim’s Law Center webpage at

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