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Opinion: Ministers of justice - Prosecutors doing the right thing for the right reason

By Nelson Bunn 

To the average viewer of the 24-hour news cycle, and in particular to someone who at least casually follows developments within the criminal justice system, it seems as if a prosecutor’s main role is to punish bad people who have committed an offense by putting them behind bars and throwing away the key. The individual that committed the crime is never seen or heard from again—out of sight, out of mind, right? While that narrative plays out in some circles around the country, my work with prosecutors reveals a different picture of compassion, thoughtfulness, dedication, good intentions and a desire to do what it takes to protect the communities they serve. READ MORE

Opinion: Fix the Death Penalty Bill

By John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney 

The Oregon Legislature recently approved a bill to narrow the aggravated murder law thereby reducing the number of people eligible for the death penalty. Its sponsors told everyone that it would not be retroactive and would apply only to future crimes. That was important to ensure victims of past crimes and their families would not be traumatized by relitigating old cases. Many lawmakers who historically have stood up for victims’ rights voted for the bill based on that promise. Now it turns out that the bill is retroactive after all. MORE

Opinion: Honoring nearly 70 years of public service

By Beth Heckert, Matt Shirtcliff and John S. Foote

We are often asked what makes a good district attorney and what voters should look for as they choose candidates for these offices. We need our elected district attorneys to be independent and free from political influence and pressure. But we also want them to understand the intricacies of the work and to be most effective at their jobs. These four forward-thinking, professional leaders are a great examples of precisely those kinds qualities in our district attorneys. READ MORE

Is George Soros a Threat to Apolitical Prosecutors and Politics-free Prosecution?

By Joshua Marquis

TIP O'NEILL, the late great Speaker of the House, famously said "all politics is local." Combine that truth with the fact that only in America are chief trial pros­ecutors elected, and you find a unique marriage of democracy and justice - the election of the chief prosecutor. READ MORE

Readers respond: The truth about Oregon's criminal justice system

By Guest Columnist

In a recent guest editorial, activist Andy Ko expressed his appreciation for President Donald Trump's pardon of Harney County ranchers and convicted arsonists Dwight and Steve Hammond. READ MORE

U.S. Attorney: Moving forward on marijuana (Guest opinion)

By Billy J. Williams

After U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued his memorandum on marijuana in January, I committed to taking a methodical and thoughtful approach to developing an enforcement strategy for Oregon. READ MORE

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